UK born and university educated--twice (Oxford and Bath). An interest in humanity, in its many guises, and the natural world driving my choice of academic study, travel opportunities, and photography and writing styles. 
My need to communicate propels me forward and injects a conscious, reflective narrative into my work. Burning to excite and challenge people - I am a natural storyteller, in word and image. My fresh, creative, person-centred and communicative approach is innovative, cross-cultural, and ensures multi-facetted perspectives--I accept nothing less.
Watching the interplay of light and shadow, the interaction between individual and environment, the spaces ripe for the creation of ideas. Narrative documenter and participant in the life swirling around me. I inject an engaged edge into my images as my love of nature and of people is beyond passive observation and rejects the concept of the writer/photographer as untouched, removed, and distant observer. Being conscious of my (re)actions and alive to my impact ignites my passion for a positive human state.
For past adventures on a 5year long solo cycle trip between the UK and Thailand via 27 counties (some more than once), tropical forests and desert plateaus, and a multitude of friendly caring faces and helping hands - Wide Eyed Views. Or my solo JOGLE (Orkney to Lands End) cycling the length of the UK mid-pandemic in 2021 - Tiny Revolutions.
A personal photographic project, about the Bristol-Bath Railway Path, holds the stories of different path-users as they interact and travel alongside the natural world, and visually documents our ongoing impact on it through the 'tracks' we leave behind.
Photographic Interests: Wild Places. Adventure. Gardens. Plants and Flowers. Wildlife. Landscapes. Architecture. Travel. And (portraits of) people interacting in their unique and inspiring ways with all aspects of the planet and their varied experiences of life.
Writing interests: Health and Wellbeing. Mental Health. Environmental Consciousness. Photography. Conscious Travel.  Wildlife and the Natural World.​​​​​​​
In addition I hold a DBS.
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