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Koh Samui Resort
14. June 2019
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Baan Chaai Haat
Where traditional island life meets contemporary style, Baan Chaai Haat provides a stunning, relaxed opulence through the fusing of beach chic, Thai craftsmanship, and urban sophistication. Clean lines and city vogue meets tropical island beauty and authenticity in this stunning beachfront abode. A sanctuary for the creative, this magnificent dwelling showers culture and artistic vision on all. Simultaneously demanding attention with vibrant artwork and providing sensual luxury to be enjoyed by artist and muse alike, Baan Chaai Haat invigorates and tantalises all the senses.
Imagine yourself stopping, mesmerised on stone steps, in front of a framed view of your private terrace, where, beyond the pool, you can see the Gulf of Thailand sparkling in the afternoon sun.  Pink, yellow and white flowers softly sway in blooming profusion as you follow the path to your door, dipping your toes as you pass, filling you with joy and amazement at the water’s sun-drenched warmth. 
Stepping into the shady, cool interior you are intrigued by the cleverly chosen colours and carefully curated art, the combination creates a harmonious vibe to the villa. Your surroundings simultaneously bathe you in opportunities for idyllic discussion and the ultimate in relaxation. The canvas is set for you, your friends, your family to make your memories. All that is needed is for you to contribute yourselves, and make this space your home. 
You linger over breakfast in bed, recline in the arms of a lover in the lounge, discuss the world over dinner with friends and, finally, sleep the blissfully exhausted sleep of the active adventurer. Moments spent in Baan Chaai Haat in the company of loved ones stand still, frozen, as if precious gems, to be looped together to form an intricate, integrated memory. Taken out on special occasions for years to come. 
A careful collection of unique seashells; the soft play of dappled, green light across a silently, sleeping silhouette; the sound of joyful splashing in the private pool, all held under an overarching wash of cool blue. Click! Another mental photograph to paste into your priceless album of treasured times.
Baan Chaai Haat is a modern Thai-influenced private world of tasteful luxury, where you feel at ease, able to create your personal haven and be at peace. With 4 bedrooms surrounding a spacious living area, you can comfortably accommodate friends and family, and enjoy their company or find spaces for solitude in an oasis of cool, calm comfort.
Every detail of the property is geared towards light and relaxation. Open-plan living and dining areas mirror the vast vistas of the Thai coastline, bringing soft sea breezes into every part of your day. Feet up and glass in hand, you sink deeply into cushioned pleasure, marvelling at the endless azure flowing from your outstretched hand and linking you, body and soul, to the tidal heartbeat of nature.
Bright artwork vies for conversational space with tropical island blues and soft creams. The comfort of the textures letting you sink into their depths and bathe in the sensuous stimulation such luxury allows. The warm hardwood floor and tastefully distressed furniture nods reverently to Mother Nature and allows her soul to permeate the property.
The bedrooms of Baan Chaai Haat encourage you to sink into their luxurious embrace while wondering at the beauty of the Thai and modern-influenced art. Wood features provide a tactile warmth and within each en suite bathroom is a hidden and unexpected delightful touch of nature. Sunlight softly falls through cleverly positioned glass skylights, providing a unique bathing experience closely akin to waterfall dreams. While from beside the master bedroom, you enjoy the pleasure of a deep whirlpool bathtub, beckoning with bubbles at the end of a sun-drenched day.
A slightly sunken, fully equipped, modern kitchen provides a pleasurable place to create simple meals, to be enjoyed at your leisure either sitting inside under soft, ambient light or outside on your terrace under sun or stars. Creating soul food may be your thing, but when Thai/French fusion food can be lovingly concocted, adjacent to your table, you are left free to concentrate on following the flow of conversation and wine.
After dinner, relaxation often turns attention to the wider world, watching a movie or a challenge on the gaming field. With flat-screen satellite television, DVD player, and games consoles, endless entertainment and connection to friends and family make the evenings pass at the speed of your dedicated 100mbs fibre-optic WiFi.  
Days at Baan Chaai Haat encourage you to curate the holiday, the life, you have always wanted. Exciting opportunities for fun and action abound. Meet our professional instructors and prepare to be inspired, whether you’re a novice or an old hand, we offer tennis, circuits, boxing, yoga, pilates, and Muay Thai. A visit to our top of the range sports and gym facilities for solo training or professionally led classes means personal regimes can remain unbroken. Guided tours on mountain bikes or on foot will show you undiscovered facets to Koh Samui life and culture. And, of course, don’t forget that incredible ocean, the sensational sea. Crystal clear waters outside your front door invite you for diving, kayaking, paddle-boarding, and snorkelling. Wake up with yoga on the beach or a seaside massage--the day is yours, the choice is yours.
The flexible nature of Baan Chaai Haat provides the ideal backdrop for once-in-a-lifetime adventures and amusement, resting and reclining. Leave the efficient and discrete Shiva Samui staff to deal with all things domestic, and maximise your most valuable commodity--time. 
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