"I reached out to Rae to organise a shoot for my writing portfolio. As some one who struggles with body image disorders, the idea of posing in front of a camera was confronting. Having already known Rae, I felt comfortable with her, but the hurdle I faced was not feeling comfortable with myself.
From the moment we set off onto the beach, Rae's ease and content with directing me in a way that felt completely natural was obvious. We chatted about nothing to do with the photo shoot and instantly my fears and discomfort melted. I quickly forgot about my insecurities and began enjoying the experience. Rae's joy of being behind the camera and her passion for capturing moments was contagious and we were soon giggling and excitedly running around as we explored different ideas.
When it came to selecting the pictures from the shoot, Rae's gift as a unique and empathetic photographer shone through. She was aware of my body image struggles and gave me some great advice to make the process as comfortable as possible. The end result was a beautiful series of photos that completely captured me in all forms.
I thank Rae for beautifully capturing me as my natural self and for providing a safe and fun space to knock down barriers that had long stood in my way. I treasure the memories of that day, they represent far more than a photo shoot and I'm beyond grateful for what the process suprisingly unfolded as. Rae curated a photo shoot, therapy, and a whole lot of fun - all in one. She is an angel behind the camera, and without it. Rae understands the struggles others face and the weaving of this compassion and humanness into her photography is what truly creates her magic. Thank you Rae."
Linsy H
"I have been wanting to have some yoga pictures for my social media accounts and website. Most of the time, you effect people with the pictures first so they decide to read your profile. This is why I took my time to find someone I can trust. In yoga world, pictures are important, even if you can not accept them to be.
Working with Rae was fun first of all. Taking pictures of poses can be mentally tiring because of the possible combinations. But Rae made them all at ease. We were enjoying a lot and this reflected on the pictures. 
She has many nice ideas about combining the poses with the scenes. She is willing to observe your struggles and lead the photoshoot to a relax direction. 
She understands what is in your mind, what are your wishes, and helps you to have a wider view on them with her professionalism. 
It was definitely a great chance to work with her."
Gökben B
"I had the pleasure of spending time with Rae on Koh Samui, Thailand and her work is truly excellent. As a person she is well travelled, educated, knowledgeable, and experienced. Her compassion extends into everything. As a photographer, she is one of those rare sorts who understands that the value of lighting.
She was fun and engaging to shoot with, able to distract me from the concept of ‘modelling’ and turn each shoot into a date, filled with laughter and adventure. 
In reviewing our shoots I felt she walked the line of drawing out the beautiful parts I don't see in myself, and placing me in settings which tell my story. Rae’s work is truly some of the best work I’ve ever had done. 
I'm so honoured to have had a chance to spend time with this woman and highly recommend her for any engagements - be they storytelling, photography or content work. She has a wonderful eye, and a beautiful mind." 
Gystilyn O’B​​​​​​​
"My first real photo shoot! I needed some photos for a website and social media, and I wouldn’t have picked anyone else to work with. Rae made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera, even in a swimsuit! I let her know my concerns about having my photo taken before we started, and she was very empathetic to the insecurities I expressed. She was so relaxed and easy going, yet gave really clear guidance about posing and facial expressions. I was so relieved when I looked through the collection! The photo style was exactly what I had hoped for! Professional with a candid vibe! Thank you so much Rae!"
Angie H