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08. August 2019 
Following his Doctorate in Medicinal Dentistry at the New Jersey Dental School, Newark in 1998, Dr. XY fulfilled his residency in General Practise at the Lehigh Valley Hospital, one of eight establishments comprising the Lehigh Valley Health Network Health Network, which boasts centers of excellence in cancer, heart, and surgery, and a multidisciplinary environment within which Dr. XY could flourish, and exemplify a level of skill all doctors aspire to reach. 
Following the completion of his initial studies, Dr. XY has gone on to complete extensive post-graduate studies in cosmetic dentistry, reconstruction, Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) dysfunction, and occlusion, giving him an extensive knowledge base from which to develop his specialties, and on which he draws in order to provide ground-breaking techniques.
Ever one to give back, he has diligently maximized his time by engaging in the roles of mentor, teacher, published author, and journal editor with Dental Town magazine and Your Dentistry Guide. Dr. XY is consistently recognized for awards by his peers in the dental world, and features in the peer-reviewed Top Dentists list of the New Jersey Monthly with embarrassing regularity. One of only 40 US dentists to be recognized by the prestigious Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics, Dr. XY is an awarded Fellow of this revered establishment.
In addition to the lauded titles Dr. XY has already attained, he continues to extend his intellectual and practical knowledge in the service of his patients. Currently in the process of attaining the Master’s award from the Academy of General Dentistry, and Accreditation in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, he pushes the boundaries of clinical excellence forward as he strives to exceed his patient’s needs.
Dr. XY is the expert’s expert, the ‘go-to’ for other dentists. Those at the top of their game and ‘in-the-know,’ trust him with their personal orthodontic treatments and seek him out for advice or referrals on complex cases. Clinical Director of Education for the C. M Series, and featured speaker at numerous prestigious forums, he has lectured nationally as well as having written and co-produced educational material with eminent dental author, Dr X.
A conscientious dentist, with the capacity to blend integrated wellness with specific dental goals, he works with the client to create a customized treatment plan, based on dental and holistic assessments. 
Dr. XY practices dentistry with uncommon skill, an extensive knowledge base, creative intuition, and visionary zeal. Utilizing the latest advances in dental technology, Dr. XY is able to focus his intent on ensuring that his patients receive exemplary care and an oral dental experience which exceeds their expectations.
Dr. XY’s general dental programs offer a full range of consultation, examination, and general procedures. These form a strong foundation on which to build restorative and cosmetic work, alongside an acknowledgment of holistic health and the capacity to provide customized, full-body, wellness programs. After all, the impact of a confident, healthy smile touches all our bases of physical, social, and emotional wellbeing.
Focusing on stress-free processes, Dr. XY’s clinical staff offer an empathetic understanding of, and strategies to support, nervous patients. The systems in place provide patients with online access to initial contact forms regarding their desired procedures and pre-procedure registration prior to arrival. They understand that minimizing anxiety before an appointment is an essential aspect of ensuring emotional wellbeing. 
Access to the latest techniques and trained in the use of state-of-the-art technology, he ensures that your appointments are kept to a minimum and that the procedures are completed with efficiency and ease. The clinic ensures that the patient and doctor consultation is maximized, knowing that reassurance, and the patient’s understanding of the procedures, is essential to their ongoing confidence and ability to relax. 
Dr. XY provides assessment and treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD), occlusion--jaw alignment and bite treatment, and dental implants, alongside the restoration of chew, speech, and bite functions through full-mouth reconstruction. 
You will meet with Dr. XY initially for thorough external and intraoral examinations which will include low-radiation, digital X-rays, a TMJ exam, bite check, a review of your dental and medical history, and photographs of your jaw profile, teeth and smile for use in all treatment plans.
Offering solutions and relief to patients with chronic oral pain such as TMJD, or sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea and its associated snoring, brings individuals back into total body wellness, which they may have been without for a number of years. Alleviating these disorders is positively life changing, and life affirming, for Dr. XY’s patients.
Dr. XY will make clinical decisions about utilizing Picasso Diode Laser--for periodontal treatment, VersaWave Erbium Laser--for cavity and tooth preparation prior to root canal debridement and cleaning, T-Scan system--state-of-the-art software and scanning equipment to capture 3-dimensional biometric data from which an individual occlusion assessment report and best treatment plan can be made, and Joint Vibration Analysis and Jaw Tracking--an essential and highly complex skill in assessing the TMJ at all points of speech, bite and chew, in order to create a treatment plan. All these options are available at Dr. XY’s fingertips and utilized in his patients best interests for the best possible outcome.
He is able to provide gum contouring, inlays and onlays, porcelain crowns, botox, and dermal fillers, prepress or porcelain veneers, and the latest in Smile Design technology which allows you to see the computer-visualized outcome of the procedures in advance of the actual appointment. Smile Design is enabling Dr. XY to fully customize a treatment plan for each individual ensuring that the process from design to actualization is short, non-invasive and you receive the smile you desire faster than you believed possible. 
Contact Dr. XY to discuss your dental needs and relax in the knowledge that you will receive the best oral and holistic healthcare, bar none. The result of Dr. XY’s techniques will stand the test of time, and maximize your abundant natural beauty.​​​​​​​
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