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EFT is a therapeutic practise which is rooted in the interaction between your child's brain, stimulus from the outside world, and the subsequent impact of that on their body. EFT seeks to change the negative internal processing which creates anxiety or stress, and provide a release for the myriad of often overwhelming negative feelings  that we each express in our bodies and our behaviours throughout our lives. EFT offers each of us a means to control how we respond to those aspects of our daily lives which challenge us.
It is a process or 'routine-based' physical practise which needs no equipment, and which can be done at home or on the move. It can be practised in school, out on a walk, on the bus, anywhere that you or your child recognises that they are triggered and in need of a way to respond positively in the face of possibly overwhelming challenging emotions.
​​​​​​​And so you and your child have come to the end/beginning of the cycle.
Together, you and your child have been through the process of identifying the difficulty, naming it, looking at its shape, colour, texture, location, and even ability to travel. Yes! Sometimes they run and we follow them around the body until they give up and dissolve.
You have followed the tapping routine and used the scripts or made up your own - I definitely encourage you to create your own verbal architecture - and you have considered the possibility of your daily life without the aspect that was bringing you down.
So what's next?
Well, now that you are well practised at the process and can tap around those difficulties as they arise, you are in a great position to spend time on a regular basis raising up those niggling, lurking issues in you mind and tapping them into shape as well.
As mentioned previously, tapping is great First Aid but why not spend more time proactively seeking out the difficulties before they grow and evolve into larger problems. EFT unerringly seeks out the parts we need to heal so spending time tapping when we get a moment is truly money-in-the-bank.
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