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10. December 2019 
It's Time to get Frozen 2!
Winter favourites Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven return in the sequel to the box office hit, Frozen. This time they set off on a mission to understand and undo the problems of the past, after Elsa and Anna are told a story about the Enchanted Forest by their father, King Agnarr. The story holds the key to the origin of Elsa's magical powers and she through her travels she starts to understand her place in her world and the impact of these powers on the kingdom. As Elsa journeys she wakes sleeping nature and forest spirits as well as the old spirit of the Dark Sea. These spirits she must face alone and find ways to calm them for the sake of the lands of Arendelle. Ultimately Elsa and Anna come to understand that some challenges can only be overcome alone, in spite of the willingness of friends and family to help, but that the courage they help us find is priceless.
Letting it Go!
Acknowledging the phenomena that was the Frozen theme song the bar is set high for its younger sibling, and the soundtrack for Frozen 2 doesn't disappoint. The variety of styles in the musical score is fantastic, from stage musical style with "The Next right Thing" to crazily catchy "Some Things Never Change". It is difficult to choose one single track that has the stratospheric appeal of "Let it Go" however time will tell whether Frozen 2 fans will choose a favourite and propel it into stardom.
Knowing that it's that special time of year, when there is a high chance that a quick look out of the window will show trees shimmering with icy drops and the grass covered in a white frost, excites the possibility for magic in the coldest hearted of adults. Who can resist the sparkling eyes of adorable children, wrapped up warm and bundled out of the door onto crunchy lawns, highlighted in dappled golden light and shadow. Their excited voices showing just how cold it is outside as their breath creates curling plumes of delicate trailing mist.
It's time to indulge in the festive treat that is the Christmas film, and as anyone with children of a certain age knows, this film is a ‘must-see', to be dissected, digested, and hotly debated with friends in the school playground. You know that you will need to see this film and polish your renditions of the songs long before the last mince pie is eaten, so get out there and indulge in joyful, festive whimsy, with a far from Frozen heart.
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