Rae was one of our most valued writers. She consistently produced high-quality content, met every deadline, and wrote clearly and concisely with a friendly authority, while ever mindful of client specifications.
Her writing is professional, clear, and factual, yet she easily adapts to lighter pieces with a warm personality and lightness when required. Her technical writing is always well researched and easy to understand.
Rae was always eager to work, and each request was carried out with enthusiasm and dedication. She fully committed to workshops and any learning opportunities presented to help her fine-tune her innate writing ability. Rae was a pleasure to work with at all times.
Kaila Krayewski
Managing Director | Archipelago Communications
Rae has been a member of our WorkingAbroad team since November 2019, writing articles and providing contributions to the WorkingAbroad.com blog since then.
Rae has an excellent writing style and her blogs and journalistic pieces are of such high quality, I am blown away by the standard of writing that she produces each time.  In addition, she has a very quick turnaround, which clearly demonstrates that she has a natural talent and aptitude to writing.
During the Covid lockdown, we did a blog series on our charity partners abroad, who had been badly impacted, and Rae wrote blog after blog on each project over a period of a few weeks, sometimes producing them within 24 hours, whilst demonstrating a clear understanding of our organisations’ ethos and adding her own personal research and making the blogs interesting, emotive, and personal. Furthermore, Rae's copywriting skills have also demonstrated her ability to captivate her audience and motivate them into converting their interest into action and sales, in our case in the form of donations and bookings.
I would recommend her highly to anyone seeking excellent quality and purposeful writing, whether it be blogs or journalistic pieces. You won’t be disappointed!
Vicky McNeil 
Director | Working Abroad